Master Keaton, a Great Slow-Paced Anime

Today I want to share with you an anime series that I have watched recently – Master Keaton.

The series is based on the manga of Urasawa Naoki (Monster, 20th Century Boys), one of my all-time favourite authors, and follows the adventures of Hiraga-Keaton Taichi, a half-Japanase half-British insurance investigator for Lloyd’s company, ex-SAS member and archaelogist aspiring to discover the origin of the European civilization.

Each episode is counts the story of its own, some more action-filled and some more relaxed, but always with a personal drama in the root.

The art of Urasawa-sensei is more realistic and may appear to be a bit lacklustre compared to the modern series, but it definitely has its charm.

Main protaginist, Keaton, is an interesting character that, despite his military training, usually depends on his brains rather than on the brawn, and is a dreamer that works as an insurance investigator in order to finance his own archaelogical investigation on the Danube River.


Another strong point of Master Keaton is its soundtrack, especially the opening theme and the second ending theme.

While this series may seems a bit too slow-paced and lacking in action to the fans of modern series, if you have patience with Master Keaton, you will definitely be rewarded.


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