Game Development with Phaser

It has been my dream since I was a little boy to create my own computer game. I guess, a lot of people can relate to that. The world of computer games has changed a lot throughout the years, but it still has that magical attraction that makes millions of people spend hours and days playing.

As for me, I had a lot of ideas, but none of them came to fruition. Though I learned programming in the university, I never found the courage to take up a project all by myself. Most of the games I envisioned continue to exist only on paper, and even the ones I began creating with RPG Maker were never finished.

Still, my passion for computer games never diminished, so, when I discovered Phaser through an online course I was doing at Miriada X, I knew I must try it out.

Phaser is an open source HTML5 game framework that allows allows you to create both desktop and mobile games relatively easy. The programming is done in HTML5 and JavaScript so it is not meant for AAA category games, but it’s great for mobile games or desktop browser games.

The website of Phaser is very well-structured and aims to give all the necessary information to a potential game developer.

Learn Phaser section contains some tutorials (both official and community-made), code examples and complete API documentation. It also provides the Phaser Sandbox, an online code editor that allows you to write your code and build a game without having to download or install anything.

There are also many books, plugins and courses to choose from, if you are looking to go more in-depth.

For the moment I tried some of the tutorials and read the API documentation. Phaser seems pretty easy and comfortable to work with, yet it allows you to realize your dreams by creating some incredible games.

I will continue studying Phaser more in-depth, and hopefully I will be able to share my efforts in this blog in the near future.


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