How to Install SongEasy on Ubuntu with PlayOnLinux

In continuation of my posts on Performous and formatting UltraStar files I want to introduce you to a program that makes creating song files so much easier – SongEasy.

SongEasy is a great tool that helps you avoid creating your song file manually from scratch. You’ll probably still need to edit the file in a text editor to fix the note lengths and/or pitches, but it will save you quite a lot of time.

I won’t be describing how it works here, because there are well-written instructions on SongEasy website. The problem is that it is a Windows program, and, if you are a Linux user like me, you have to find some way to make it work without having to dual-boot (I don’t know about you, but I prefer to avoid that at all costs).

Luckily we have Wine to help us run Windows software on Linux, and then there is PlayOnLinux to facilitate the installation process. In this article I will explain step by step how to make SongEasy run with PlayOnLinux.

The first step is to install PlayOnLinux. Just go to the Downloads page on the program’s website and follow the instructions for your distribution.

Once the installation process has finished, run PlayOnLinux and click on the Configure button.

Screenshot from 2017-07-04 12-20-13

Then, click on the New button in PlayOnLinux configuration window to start creating new virtual drive.

Screenshot from 2017-07-04 12-20-55

Click Next.

Screenshot from 2017-07-04 12-21-29

Choose 32 bits windows installation and click Next.

Screenshot from 2017-07-04 12-21-44

Next you need to choose the Wine version to use on your virtual drive. Just leave it as System and click Next.

Screenshot from 2017-07-04 12-22-05

Now you need to choose the name for the virtual drive. You can put whatever you want. For example, just put SongEasy and click Next.

Screenshot from 2017-07-04 12-22-22

When the process of creating the virtual drive has finished, select your drive on the left side of PlayOnLinux configuration window and then click on the Install components tab.

SongEasy needs some components to be installed in order for it to work properly. We will need to install Windows Media Player 10 and .NET Framework 3.5.

Select wmp9 and click Install.

Screenshot from 2017-07-04 12-23-45

When the installation is over, repeat the same process with wmp10. Now we have Windows Media Player 10 ready.

In order to install .NET Framework 3.5 you have to install the following components from the list (you need to install them in the exact order): msxml3, dotnet20, dotnet20sp1, dotnet20sp2, dotnet30, dotnet30sp1, dotnet35.

When you are installing the dotnet30 component you will likely get the following error message:

Screenshot from 2017-07-04 12-44-52

Just click No and then Next.

Screenshot from 2017-07-04 12-45-16

Now you need to download SongEasy zip archive and extract its contents to /home/user_name/PlayOnLinux’s virtual drives/SongEasy/drive_c, where user_name is your Linux user name.

Screenshot from 2017-07-04 12-49-05

Go to the General tab and click on the Make a new shortcut from this virtual drive button. When the scanning is over, choose SongEasy.exe from the list and click Next.

Screenshot from 2017-07-04 12-52-05

Now you have to choose the name for the shortcut. You can just leave it as SongEasy and click Next.

Screenshot from 2017-07-04 12-52-34

Choose I don’t want to make another shortcut and click Next.

Screenshot from 2017-07-04 12-52-59

Now you should have a shortcut for SongEasy in PlayOnLinux as well as on your desktop. Double-click it to run the program.

If you followed my instructions, you should see the SongEasy window.

Screenshot from 2017-07-04 13-04-06

That’s it. Now you can use the instructions on SongEasy website to create your own song files.

In my next article I will explain how to create a song file without using SongEasy and with a little bit of knowledge regarding the music theory.


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