Metal Periscope – June 2018

And, once again, here is the list of the albums that caught my attention this month.

Sadly, there weren’t many good releases in June. But, if you enjoy listening to some doom or black, you will probably find something to your liking.

Eye of Solitude – Slaves to Solitude

Eye of Solitude - Slaves to SolitudeIf you are a fan of extreme doom metal, the name of Eye of Solitude will probably ring a bell.
This London-based band does not aim to revolutionize the metal scene, but rather create a highly cathartic kind of music, the one that makes you relive the most sorrowful moments of your life and learn to appreciate the frailty of your existence anew.

Unflesh – Savior

Unflesh - SaviorThe debut album of Unflesh serves to remind us that technical death metal is not all about playing chromatic scales at 200 bpm, but rather about walking on a thin line between the chaos and the order and not falling down.
The Portsmouth, New Hampshire band manages to do just that.

YOB – Our Raw Heart

YOB - Our Raw HeartThe 8th full-length record of the Oregon trio doesn’t stray far from the style the band developed throughout the years. Yet the quality of the material presented by Mike Scheidt and Co. this time is really high.
Between the sorrowful laments reminiscent of Warning and the crunchy, heavy riffs, YOB created an album that is one of their best in a long, long time.

Zeal and Ardor – Stranger Fruit

Zeal and Ardor - Stranger FruitBeing a follow-up to the brilliant Devil Is Fine, I naturally had a lot of expectations for this album. And Zeal and Ardor delivered.
If you don’t know this band and never heard it music, then you probably think that combining black metal with African-American musical traditions such as soul and blues seems a crazy idea. But the fact is that the band manages to make it work.
The mix of such distinct musical genres not only sounds far from being unnatural or forced, it actually provides us with one of the most original and inspiring albums of this year.

Sear Bliss – Letters from the Edge

Sear Bliss - Letters from the Edge6 long years have passed since the release of Eternal Recurrence, the previous record of this Hungarian band. And finally we can listen to Letters from the Edge. Was it worth the wait? I think it was.
In the post-Agalloch world we currently live in there is no lack of young and passionate atmospheric black metal bands, but still very few of them can beat the experience and the prowess of Sear Bliss.
Letters from the Edge is the 8th full-length album of the band in 25 years, which clearly demonstrated that the Hungarians prefer to take their time to create a kind of record they wouldn’t be ashamed of. And they always seem to achieve that.
The same high quality of the material is the trait of this new album. The characteristic use of wind instruments is here again, adding another layer of attractiveness to the musical palette of Sear Bliss.
In my opinion, this is one of the strongest releases so far this year and definitely a contender for the album of the month.

Void of Silence – The Sky Over

Void of Silence - The Sky OverJune 2018 offered extreme doom metal fans a couple of very fine records, and The Sky Over is one of them.
These Italians take the slow pace and the heaviness of funeral doom metal and spice it up with some dark ambient elements as atmospheric keyboards and clean vocals.
If pure funeral doom metal is too difficult for you to absorb, I recommend you to give this album a listen. And, if you like your doom metal, but are eager to hear something a bit more different from the usual stuff, the newest offering of Void of Silence may be just the thing you are searching for.

Khemmis – Desolation

Khemmis - DesolationKhemmis, despite being quite a young band, have already made a name for themselves by playing a kind of doom metal that feels both loyal to the classic bands and yet modern-sounding.
Desolation is the band’s third full-length record in 4 years. That’s why, honestly, I’ve been a bit worried that their music would turn stale and repititive. Thankfully, my concerns were proven to be unfounded as the Denver quartet keeps offering us high quality riffs and memorable songs that are likely to please old-school doom metallers, but, at the same time, have a potential to turn some new metalhead towards the genre.

That’s all for this month.

As I already mentioned before, there wasn’t much to choose from this month. So hopefully we get more great music in July.

See you next month!

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